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Brand Story

Brand Story
DANG SHADES is a brand born in Salt Lake City, USA.
The brand was launched in Salt Lake City, USA in 2008 by professional snowboarder Chris Beresford. The brand was originally called "Dang Loose Shades" (sunglasses with a very relaxed feel), a play on the slang term "Hang Loose" (a gesture of shaking the thumb and pinky finger of a clenched fist) that originated from Hawaiian surf culture, but the "loose" was dropped and the brand name became "Dang Shades". These eyewear are very popular because they are affordable and can be easily replaced if you lose or break them. They are suitable for a wide range of lifestyle scenes, from activities such as sports and fishing to everyday use such as driving and shopping, and are full of playfulness and can be used casually like changing clothes.