A special DANG SHADES in-store sales event will be held at Joshuya Sakata store!


The DANG SHADES exhibition and sale will be held at Joshuya Sakata store for four days from Thursday , April 27th to Sunday , April 30th , 2023 . 

You can choose the color and frame that is perfect for you and purchase it on the spot! We have a large lineup of models that are not usually available in stores and new models for 2023 , so please come and visit us!

If you purchase Dan Shades polarized sunglasses during the event, you will receive a wonderful novelty item!

We have a wide selection of popular polarized sunglasses for any type of fishing, from saltwater to freshwater, shore to offshore!

Please take this opportunity to check out the polarized glasses that perfectly suit your individual face and fishing style in store. We look forward to seeing you!


Participating store: Joshuya Sakata store

Store address: 2-1-1 Koara, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture, 998-0878

Date and time: Thursday , April 27th to Sunday , April 30th , 2023


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