Notification regarding shipping schedule and availability during the summer holidays in August

Thank you very much for your continued patronage and use of this DANG SHADES website and products.

We will be closed for the Obon holiday from Wednesday, August 11th to Monday, August 16th this year.
We would like to inform you of our business days as follows:
We will resume normal business hours from Wednesday, August 17th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

August 9th (Monday): Unavailable for shipping August 10th (Tuesday): Normal shipping available August 11th (Wednesday): Unavailable for shipping August 12th (Thursday): Unavailable for shipping August 13th (Friday): Unavailable for shipping August 14th (Saturday): Unavailable for shipping August 15th (Sunday): Unavailable for shipping August 16th (Monday): Unavailable for shipping August 17th (Tuesday): Normal shipping available

*Products will be shipped on the same day only if the order is placed by 12:00 noon on the same day. For orders that have been paid in advance and have not yet received payment, the product may not be shipped on the same day because it will be shipped after payment has been confirmed.
*We expect to be extremely busy with shipments on the 10th and 17th, so please place your requests as early as possible.
*During the above period, delivery companies are expected to be extremely busy. Please note that delivery may take longer than usual depending on the operation and delivery status of the delivery companies in each region.
*We will be taking a "5th of the Month Campaign" on August 15th during the Obon holiday period, when we will be closed for product shipments. However, please note that eligible orders received on this day will also be shipped on August 17th.

In addition, due to the large-scale traffic restrictions that will be implemented in conjunction with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, we may not be able to meet your requested delivery date and time during this period due to the convenience of the shipping company. Thank you for your understanding.