[Arrived on 3/27!] New 2024SS night glasses have arrived and the popular premium lens series is back in stock!


We are pleased to announce new arrivals and restocks from DANG SHADES JP!

First, let us introduce our new products!

The new 2024 night glasses, which were scheduled to arrive around the end of April, will be released earlier than planned and will go on sale from March 27th!

Night sunglasses that keep your vision clear even at night.

Please feel free to use it for driving or night squid fishing!

RECOIL Black Matte x Light Yellow Night High Contrast Lens

DANG SHADES night sunglasses.

Made in Japan, the lenses comply with JIS ( Japanese Industrial Standards ) . They maintain good visibility while reducing the glare of LED lights ( 460 nm ) such as the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Visible light transmittance: 84%

Blue light blocking rate: Approximately 47%

Product code: vidg00470

Sale price: 7,480 yen

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Next, we will introduce some restocked items!

From DANG's popular series that uses premium Japanese lenses, the LOCO light amber color lenses, which have been out of stock for a while, are now back in stock!

This premium lens series uses lenses made in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, which are packed with features including a special anti-fog coating that keeps the lenses from fogging up for a long time, 99% polarization, 99% UV protection, hard coating, and blue light protection.

Photo by Jinya Nishiwaki (@jingypsy)

Thanks to its great value for money, it has become a huge hit item from DANG!


Product number: vidg00430-lbr

Visible light transmittance: Approx. 35%

83% blue light reduction

5,940 yen (tax included)

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