[March & April] Announcement of the pop-up shop schedule at each Joshuya fishing tackle store


We were approached by the fishing shop Joshuya, and we will be holding DANG SHADES pop-up shops at all of their stores!

The pop-up shop will have a wide range of products available, including color models that are not usually available in stores, so you can try them on and find your favorite items!

Don't miss this chance to try out DANG sunglasses in store.

March & April Event Schedule

Joshuya Tachikawa store : March 31st to April 2nd

5-5-2 Shibasakicho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo


→See store details

Joshuya Yokosuka Chuo Store : April 7th to April 9th

2-13-20 Hinodecho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture


→See store details

Joshuya Mitaka Tohachi store : April 7th to April 16th

6-23-24 Shinkawa, Mitaka City, Tokyo


→See store details

Joshuya Kannai store : April 14th to April 16th

Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Naka Ward, Japan Boulevard 15 Yokohama Asahi Kaikan B1


→See store details

Joshuya Mito store: April 21st to April 23rd

1250 Kasaharacho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture


→See store details

Joshuya Sakata store : April 27th to April 30th

2-1-1 Koara, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture


→See store details

Joshuya Soka store : April 27th to May 7th

1-4-33 Asahimachi, Soka City, Saitama Prefecture


→See store details

Joshuya Totsuka Harajuku store : April 30th to May 7th

Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Totsuka Ward, Harajuku 4-39-10


→See store details

We plan to hold pop-up shops at various stores after May, so we will make another announcement when the time approaches.

Thank you very much for your support.