[Limited time only!] A special campaign will be held to receive a non-sale original pouch and a DANG sticker of your choice!


Campaign Overview

Between Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, November 6th, 2022, customers who order sunglasses, snow goggles, or T-shirts at the official DANG SHADES JP online store will receive a non-sale original pouch and one waterproof sticker of their choice on a first-come, first-served basis.

*If you are eligible for the bonus, a "non-sale original pouch" and "selectable DANG sticker" will be included with your order.
*Due to limited quantities, the campaign will end as soon as stock runs out, even during the campaign period.
*One pouch and one sticker will be included with each order.

About the non-sale original pouch

Perfect as a sunglasses case or to store small items!
The long strap makes it very convenient to wear around the neck or over the shoulder.

Pouch Specifications

Size: Approx. 19cm x 10cm
Length of string: approx. 100cm
Color: Green

About the waterproof stickers available

You can choose one sticker of your choice from the three types of special DANG original waterproof stickers shown above.
During this period, the option to "Choose your DANG Sticker" will be displayed on the cart page below the area where you enter your preferred delivery date and time, so please select the sticker you want and proceed with your order.

*Even if your order is not eligible for the campaign, the option will be displayed, but please note that even if you select a sticker, it will not be included.
* If you are eligible for the campaign and place an order without selecting an option,
We will send you one randomly.
*If you proceed to order without going through the cart page, you will not be able to make a selection . If you would like to select a sticker, please make sure to go through the cart page and proceed to order.