To celebrate the renewal, a special DANG SHADES in-store sales event will be held at Joshuya Higashine store!


To commemorate the renewal of Joshuya Higashine store, the DANG SHADES exhibition and sale will be held from Friday , December 15 , 2023 to January 10 , 2024 !

During the event, we will be exhibiting models that are not usually available in stores as well as new overglasses.

Choose the model that best suits you, including lenses and frames.

In addition, customers who purchase eligible polarized glasses at this event will receive wonderful novelty goods on the spot!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again here!


Participating store: Joshuya Higashine store

Store address: 6-1-27 Kamimachi Nishi, Higashine City, Yamagata Prefecture, 999-3766

Date and time: Friday , December 15 , 2023 to Wednesday , January 10 , 2024 , 18:00


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