[DANG TRIP] Go ​​with the popular fishing girls Fuchy and Nishin! Wakayama DANG Tour vol.2 [Day Camp Edition]

The DANG Lovers are going on a Wakayama DANG Tour with the popular fishing girls, Fuchy (Fuchigami Mari) and Nishin (Nishida Naoe), who are also DANG users!

In this article, we will report on the second day of the day camp.

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Main DANG Lovers

Fuchy ( @mari_fuchigami )


Mari Fuchigami, also known as "Fucchi," is a very popular fishing girl! She is in high demand on TV and at events! Her own brand, FUCHIBITE , is very popular among anglers.

Wearing sunglasses

LOCO Wood Matte x Green Mirror Polarized

Nishin ( @nao.xoxo.117 )

from Osaka / WEST MARINE

Naoe Nishida, also known as "Nish-chan," is a very popular fishing girl who has won the Fishing Queen Championship on a certain TV program twice!

Wearing sunglasses

SELECT Black Soft x Blue Polarized

Captain Kochan ( @misakimaru10 )

from Wakayama / Misaki Maru

The captain of the Wakayama Prefecture recreational fishing boat " Misaki Maru "! I was indebted to him for the hairtail tenya the day before.

Wearing sunglasses

ORIGINAL (sold out)

Captain Hayashida ( @jhayashida )

from Shimane / TRUST

He is the accomplished captain of the Shimane Prefecture recreational fishing boat " Saltwater fishing guide TRUST "! On his days off, he rides around on his Harley.

Wearing sunglasses

FENTON Matt Dark Wood x Black Smoke Polarized

Akagi "BON" Kazuaki ( @hvtbon )

from Okayama

A photographer supported by DANG SHADES ! He is also a snowboarder and a fisherman.

Wearing sunglasses

FENTON Black soft x Navy blue PREMIUM LENS

Taniyuri ( @taniyuri314 )

from Okayama / NAGISANE WORKS

Web creator and angler who is the representative of NAGISANE WORKS! He loves yakiniku more than eating three meals a day. He is the author of this article.

Wearing sunglasses

FENTON Black soft x Light black PREMIUM LENS

Goodbye Hidaka Town!

The DANG group had been fishing until late into the night the previous day and disbanded around 1 a.m.

We forced our sleepy eyes open and left the inn at 9am!

Before heading to our destination, we first went to the huge grouper monument in Hidaka Town that had caught our eye on the way there!!

Commemorative photo with a huge grouper♪

By the way, real groupers are not that big, but in rare cases there are some that can reach a total length of 2m and weigh 150kg.

Grouper is famous as a "mysterious luxury fish"... I made a firm promise to myself that "next time I'll eat a full course of grouper," and headed off to my next destination!

Day camp at Shirasaki Marine Park!

We arrived at Shirasaki Marine Park, about 30 minutes from Misaki Ryokan.

Today we'll be having a day camp in a beautiful landscape surrounded by white limestone!

After checking in, we all started setting up camp, following the instructions of BON, who had brought our camping gear!

It was a windy day, so setting up the tarp was a little difficult, but as expected, BON set it up with expert hands!

We borrowed Captain Hayashida's stylish wooden table and the extra chairs, and the setup was complete.

The long-awaited toast and lunch time

First of all, let's have a toast! There's nothing better than drinking alcohol with great friends in a beautiful setting...!

For snacks and lunch, Fuchy and BON each brought their own ingredients and cooking utensils!

Fuchy brought along some delicious sausages and some frozen white squid!

First, he quickly grills some sausages using the cooking utensils he produces himself, FUCHIBITE !

BON said he would make hot dogs, which he's been into lately, so we started by grilling some sausages...

The table was covered in sausages (lol)

The sausages for the hot dogs were done, and I was given the important task of putting ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onion flakes on the hot dogs...

After a serious attempt...! Although the appearance is a little inconsistent, we have completed a delicious looking hot dog!

Feel free to add cheese as a topping if you like!!!

At the perfect time, Captain Ko-chan from the fishing boat Misaki Maru, who had helped us out the previous day, showed up, and we all toasted again with hot dogs and sausages.

After grilling the sausages, Fuchy next puts on a whole white squid!

Apparently it's delicious to roast it whole without removing the innards...!

Wait patiently until it is cooked through.

Once it's cooked through, cut it into bite-sized pieces, add soy sauce and mayonnaise, and it's done!

It was my first time to eat squid with its innards, but it was absolutely delicious, innards and all!

It's really great to spend time with great friends and delicious food!

Coffee time after meal

Camping means coffee! And after meals means coffee! So BON brought a coffee set with him.

Apparently "this coffee mill is amazing," so we all started grinding the beans.

It's a coffee mill that even women can use easily, and it has a great rolling feel!

Nishi-san seemed very pleased too!

Everyone puts the ground beans and hot water into a mysterious machine, and BON finishes the coffee.

The finished coffee was apparently delicious, and Captain Ko-chan had this expression on his face!

It was a very luxurious coffee time.

The best friends that DANG has connected

And so, before we knew it, it was time to pack up!

Captain Hayashida had to leave first as he had other business to attend to, and then Fuchy, Nishin and Captain Ko-chan acted as models and took some quick product photos for DANG!

I would like to publish the photos I took at this time in another article or in next year's catalogue.

The time we spent together was really fun and wonderful♪♪

Thank you to all the DANG lovers who joined us!!

Camping Spots

Roadside Station Shirasaki Marine Park


"FUCHIBITE" is a cooking utensil brand produced by Fuchy.

With the theme of "The best ingredients, the best cooking, and the best friends," we plan, manufacture, and sell a variety of products, including cooking utensils specialized for fish dishes and outdoor items.

For more information, please visit the FUCHIBITE official website .


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