[DANG TRIP] Go ​​with the popular fishing girls Fuchy and Nishin! Wakayama DANG Tour vol.1 [Fishing Edition]

The other day, a group of DANG lovers went to Wakayama Prefecture accompanied by the popular fishing girls and DANG users, Fuchy (Mari Fuchigami) and Nishi-chan (Naoe Nishida)!

I will report on the event in two parts: "Fishing" and "Day Camp"

Main DANG Lovers

Fuchy ( @mari_fuchigami )


Mari Fuchigami, also known as "Fucchi," is a very popular fishing girl! She is in high demand on TV and at events! Her own brand, FUCHIBITE , is very popular among anglers.

Wearing sunglasses

LOCO Wood Matte x Green Mirror Polarized

Nishin ( @nao.xoxo.117 )

from Osaka / WEST MARINE

Naoe Nishida, also known as "Nish-chan," is a very popular fishing girl who has won the Fishing Queen Championship on a certain TV program twice!

Wearing sunglasses

DANG×WEST MARINE collaboration sunglasses (sold out)

Captain Hayashida ( @jhayashida )

from Shimane / TRUST

He is the accomplished captain of the Shimane Prefecture recreational fishing boat " Saltwater fishing guide TRUST "! On his days off, he rides around on his Harley.

Wearing sunglasses

FENTON Matt Dark Wood x Black Smoke Polarized

Akagi "BON" Kazuaki ( @hvtbon )

from Okayama

A photographer supported by DANG SHADES ! He is also a snowboarder and a fisherman.

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RECOIL Clear Gray Matt x Amber Polarized (polarized lenses) US Limited

Taniyuri ( @taniyuri314 )

from Okayama / NAGISANE WORKS

Web creator and angler who is the representative of NAGISANE WORKS! He loves yakiniku more than eating three meals a day. He is the author of this article.

Wearing sunglasses

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Hidaka Town, the town of grouper

On September 21st, the long-awaited day of DANG TRIP arrived! I set off for Wakayama Prefecture with my photographer friend BON, who also lives in Okayama Prefecture!

Our destination was Misaki Ryokan in Hidaka Town, Wakayama Prefecture, a town famous for grouper!

We arrived just after 3pm and were joined by Captain Hayashida, who checked us in without any problems!

As it is said to be the home of grouper, there were grouper signs and objects everywhere!

Since I had some time before boarding the ship, I decided to take a walk around the port...and found a horde of adorable octopus jellyfish! Octopus jellyfish are gentle to humans and don't hurt when you get stung♪ (although some people may feel some pain...)

While we were at the port, BON took some photos for us from our guest room!

We took a look at the ship we will be boarding this time, the "Misaki Maru"! It's huge and very spacious!!

This time, we'll be taking this boat on a midnight trip to try to catch dragon hairtail!

I was excited even before we set sail!!

Fuchy and Nishi-chan appear

At 4pm, reservations for fishing boats began! As we were getting ready in front of the boat, the long-awaited Fuchy and Nishin appeared!!

When I met Fuchy and Nishi-chan for the first time, they were just as friendly and funny as the image I had of them on social media.

First, we took a group photo together with DANG SHADES' Asia area director, Mr. Ogawa.

Another photo with Captain Kouchan and Captain Nori of the Misaki Maru.

By the way, Captain Kochan also uses DANG ♪

After taking a commemorative photo, we chatted for a while until it was time to depart!

Captain Hayashida is usually full of tension as he is taking on passengers, but today is a completely private day so he has a calm expression!

Aim for the Dragon Hairtail!

Just after 5pm, with the typhoon having just passed and the wind still lingering, we set sail in search of dragon hairtail!

When I was in despair because I had left my motion sickness medicine at the inn, Fuchy immediately gave me some...!! God Fuchy...! (tears of joy)

During the day, it is possible to target hairtails with jigs, so BON and Captain Hayashida decided to give it a try with a uroco jig!

Everyone else is using hairtail tenya and bait such as sardines and saury.

Misakimaru provides the sardines, so you can use as many as you like!

The pacific saury was actually homemade by Futchi! He prepared enough for everyone! It was truly divine! (I was so touched)

He also taught me how to reel in the bait!!! (God god god god)

Once you're ready, start fishing while watching the beautiful sunset!

The basic way to lure a bait is to "just reel it in slowly," so I carefully reeled it in and dropped it over and over again!

From the first cast, the Tenaya group got some bites, and although they weren't dragons, they were off to a good start!

Captain Hayashida also caught a hairtail with a Scaled Jig before it got completely dark.

After dark, Ogawa also caught a hairtail using Tenya!!

And BON also caught a hairtail with a scale jig!!

People say that you can't catch anything with a jig after it gets dark, but although it was tough, we still managed to catch a few fish!

As for Nishi-san, he seemed to be fishing for pufferfish or something, but suddenly woke up!

Just as you would expect from a two-time fishing queen, she is a skilled angler! She quickly got the hang of it and went into continuous fishing mode!

While everyone else was catching fish one by one, Nishi-san was the only one catching fish one after another...!! The queen of fishing is truly formidable!

After that, we continued to catch fish here and there, but towards the end it was like "we were getting a lot of bites but they were rarely hooked!"

I was surprised at how thin it was when I caught one! It seems like fish of this size were spawning!

Since no dragons had been caught on the boat, we continued fishing until 11:30pm, but unfortunately we ran out of time and had to call it a day!

Fuchy was genuinely upset. He immediately checked to see if he could make a reservation the next day, but unfortunately it seemed fully booked. Revenge fight!

Nishi-chan wins

After returning to port, commemorative photo shoots began again!

First, here's a pin photo of today's top angler, Nissan! She was quick to identify the depth where the hairtails were, and she immediately figured out the pattern, catching twice as many as everyone else! It was a spectacular performance worthy of the title of the Queen of Fishing♪

Group photo with Nishi-san's catch!!

Finally, we took a group photo with Misaki Ryokan in the background!!!

All in all, we all had a really fun fishing trip!

We didn't catch any dragon hairtails that day, but on a good day, we can catch as many as eight dragons on the boat, so we encourage all readers to give it a try!

Continued in the day camp section...

Jig provided by uroco

This time, Osaka fishing tackle manufacturer "uroco" provided us with a jig for hairtail fishing! Thank you very much!



The inn and fishing boat that helped us

Misaki Ryokan & Misaki Maru


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