[Mountain climbing log] BON & Missy's Mitsumine Tsurugiyama traverse TRIP with PRON TO [DAY2]

DAY 2 of a Shikoku traverse trip with Akagi "BON" Kazuaki ( @hvtbon ), a support photographer for DANG JP, and Missy ( @akinorimishima ), a member of the mountaineering YouTube channel " THUNDER BIRD HILLS "!

The mountain climb that started at the Mitsumine trailhead has finally reached its climax!

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A new morning

I woke up before it got light and the first thing I did was fill my stomach.

Continuing from last night, the main course was vegan curry from UL Bento , with instant rice and soup as well.

After enjoying a hearty sumptuous breakfast, it's time for the customary coffee.

Once you've warmed up your cold body, it's time to get going!

After watching the sunrise, we head towards Ishimaru, walking along the ridgeline where breathtaking views await.

We pass the first peak and continue on.

Blue sky and Jiro-oi

We passed the Ishimaru refuge hut and took a break and had lunch before heading to the summit of Maruishi Mountain .

At lunch on the last day, everyone seemed to be able to enjoy a wonderful chill time, munching on the Jiro-oi (sake cup) seen in the background and the canned food they had brought with them!

After our break, we headed to the top of Maruishi Mountain!

BON points at the Jirougi that stands out against the blue sky.

After this, we will pass through Jirodai and head for Mt. Tsurugi.

The final destination of the journey: Mount Tsurugi

After enjoying the magnificent view from Ishimaru, we follow the spectacular ridgeline towards Mount Tsurugi, the final destination of our journey.

We have passed the summit of Jiro-oi, which we could see from Ishimaru, and we are almost at the summit of Mt. Tsurugi!

After a journey filled with breathtaking views, we arrived safely at our final destination.

This mountain trip was carried out with Missy in attendance.

As you can see from the photos, it was a fantastic two days!

This time we did a two-day, one-night traverse from Mitsumine to Tsurugi-san, but there are plenty of other routes around Tsurugi-san that can be enjoyed as day trips or in a short space of time.

The leaves will continue to change color, so you can enjoy this spectacular view that can only be enjoyed now!

Please enjoy mountain climbing with DANG sunglasses!


At the summit of Mt. Tsurugi, there is a mountain hut called " Mt. Tsurugi Summit Hut ," which not only provides a place to rest but also overnight accommodation and a restaurant.

If you're just going to the top of Mt. Tsurugi, you can take the sightseeing lift to the middle of the mountain in no time, so even beginners should definitely give it a try!

Mount Tsurugi sightseeing lift


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Sunglasses wearing impressions

Comment from BON

On the first day, there was a forest and clouds, so I wore it on my head instead of a headband.

PRON TO has a secure fit, so it won't fall off when you're hiking, and you can wear it all the time without any stress.

The second day was a clear day, and the large, high-contrast lenses allowed me to see my feet clearly while hiking, giving me peace of mind when taking steps.