About the paid warranty service "proteger"

Thank you for always using the official Japanese website of the eyewear brand "DANG SHADES".

Starting December 1, 2021, we will begin offering the paid warranty service "proteger" which can be subscribed to when purchasing eligible products on the DANG SHADES JP website.

We hope that our paid warranty service "proteger" will enable DANG users to use their DANG sunglasses with greater peace of mind.

*As of June 2023, we are no longer accepting new applications for the paid warranty service "proteger."

Overview of the paid warranty service "proteger"

The paid warranty service "proteger" is a paid warranty service that you can only join when purchasing an eligible product on our website, DANG SHADES JP ( https://dangshades.jp/ ).

If a product covered by the warranty becomes defective during the warranty period, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

To join the paid warranty service "proteger" , you must select "1 year warranty" or "2 year warranty" of the paid warranty service "proteger " when adding the product to your cart on this website and then confirm your order.

Please note that for products that are not covered by this warranty service, warranty options will not be displayed.

* The paid warranty service "proteger" is a paid warranty service provided by Kiva Co., Ltd.
*This warranty service is exclusive to our website, DANG SHADES JP ( https://dangshades.jp/ ).
*This warranty service will start from December 1, 2021.

*You cannot join the paid warranty after purchasing the product. Please be sure to apply for the warranty when you purchase the product.
*The guarantee amount varies depending on the product, so please check each product page.
*Please be sure to fully understand the details of this warranty service, including an overview and scope of coverage, before considering joining.

Warranty Coverage

(1) For products for which you have signed up for a paid warranty service, if a product defect occurs within the warranty period, we will replace it with a substitute product or repair it free of charge. However, even if it is within the warranty period, the following malfunctions will not be covered by the warranty.

Even if the product is repaired or replaced, the starting date of the warranty period will be the original purchase date of the product.

1) Failure caused by improper conditions, environment, handling or usage methods not described in the instruction manual, etc.

② Failure caused by a product other than the target product that the customer purchased separately.

3) Malfunctions caused by modifications or repairs made by parties other than our company.

4) Failures which could have been prevented if consumable parts listed in the instruction manual, etc. had been properly maintained and replaced.

5) Failure caused by reasons that could not have been foreseen with the level of science and technology at the time of shipment by our company.

⑥ Other failures caused by external factors beyond our control, such as disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, and voltage abnormality.

⑦ Products purchased outside the DANG SHADES JP website ( https://dangshades.jp/ ) and products on the DANG SHADES JP website that are not eligible for this service or products that are not subscribed to this service .

⑧ This warranty can only be used once within the warranty period. If you make a second or subsequent request within the warranty period, we may charge you for the service or we may not be able to provide the service at all.

(2) The scope of the warranty is limited to the above (1). It does not cover secondary damage (to equipment, business opportunities, lost profits, etc.) or any other damage suffered by the customer resulting from the failure of the covered product.

When you get a warranty

If you wish to receive a warranty, please apply through the warranty application chat of the paid warranty service "proteger" .

Warranty claim chat URL:

Please prepare the warranty number listed when you sign up or in the notification you receive after signing up , or prepare the email address you used when purchasing and apply via the dedicated chat.
Once your claim is complete, we will contact you within 2 business days to arrange for a replacement or repair.

*We are unable to process warranty applications, so please be sure to complete the process using the warranty application chat above.