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日頃からDANG SHADESをご愛用いただいている方達の声
日頃からDANG SHADESをご愛用いただいている方達の声をご紹介致します。
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  • YG.labo CEO / Angler
    Yuki Hasegawa
    (Yuki Hasegawa)
    I mainly wear them when fishing. My favorite frames are RECOIL and FENTON. RECOIL has a slightly larger frame that is easy to see through and fits well, so I can wear it without stress even when fishing for long periods of time. FENTON is very light and comfortable to wear, and the round shape is cute, so I often wear it for everyday use other than fishing.
    My favorite lens colors are amber polarized lenses. The amber color released in the 2021 Spring/Summer series is my favorite because it can be used for all-purpose fishing. The other is rose mirror polarized lenses. The pink is cute ♡ lol
    DANG is cute, light and easy to wear! There are many frames and lens colors, so you're sure to find the perfect pair for you. Find lots of your favorites and start a collection!
  • BURISTU / Web Designer
    Kitahata Ranchia
    (Kitabatake Ranchia)
    I have replaced the lenses with prescription lenses because I use them mainly for bass fishing, but also for fishing in general. LOCO is my favorite frame because it is designed for Japanese people and fits well. Since there are many situations in bass fishing where it is important to see the underwater situation clearly, I prefer LOCO, which has thicker temples than other models and has high light blocking properties that prevent light from entering. As for the lenses, I have replaced them with prescription lenses, but I prefer the light gray ones that are also available in the DANG lineup. If you want to wear them all day without changing them, from the dark time when you start fishing to the daytime and dusk, I recommend light gray.
    Until I discovered DANG, I had no choice but to use high-performance polarized glasses. However, the fate of eyewear is that they are a waste to use when fishing at sea, and they are often lost or broken. At first, I kept them as a sub, but when I started using them, I liked how light the material was and how difficult it was to deform, so now I mostly use DANG. Because they are reasonably priced, you can enjoy fashion by changing the frame color and whether or not to have a mirror depending on your mood, which is unique to DANG.
  • Decathlete / SASUKE Athlete
    Yoshinori Isa
    (Yoshinori Isa)
    I wear them almost every time I go out, whether for athletics practice or for personal use. Recently, I've been using FENTON's Rose Mirror polarized lenses. I love the calm color and transparency of the lenses, and the cool silver "DANG" logo on the side. DANG sunglasses don't slip or break, even during the decathlon, an athletics event that requires a lot of moving around. There are also a wide variety of types, so you're sure to find something that suits you. I love the FENTON model of sunglasses, but sometimes I wear the ATZ model to change up my look and enjoy fashion. I hope you all find sunglasses in the color and shape you like and enjoy fashion.
  • THedAY Director / Illustrator
    I wear them whenever I go to the beach, and wherever I go. My favorite frame is RECOIL, and the temples open more than 90 degrees, so they're so comfortable! I can't get enough of them. My favorite lens color is the black smoke polarized lens, which goes with any outfit.
    "DANG" sunglasses come in a wide variety of designs and functions, allowing you to choose the perfect pair to suit your mood and wherever you are. The time you spend choosing which pair to wear each day is simply a luxury.
  • Digger / STUSH Shop Rider
    Daisuke Akagi
    (Akagi Daisuke)
    I mainly wear sunglasses when I'm maintaining the park. On sunny days, sunglasses are more comfortable than goggles. The model I use most often is RECOIL. The hinge has a spring in it, so it's really comfortable to wear all day. My favorite lens color is black smoke polarized lenses. Black lenses are easy to see on sunny and cloudy days, and they just look cool.
    DANG SHADES has many different frames and lens colors, but my recommendation is the RECOIL black smoke polarized lens. These sunglasses are stress-free.
  • Snowboarder / STUSH Shop Rider
    Misa Onoue
    (Misa Ogami)
    My favorite lenses are the dark green gray and rose mirror polarized lenses on the FENTON wood pattern matte frame. These polarized lenses help me feel more excited while snowboarding, which I love, while enjoying the clear natural air.
  • Snowboarder
    Yoshida Ikuyo
    (Yoshida Ikuyo)
    I enjoy snowboarding, surfing, road biking, camping, and other outdoor sports all year round, so I use different sunglasses for each activity. I use ZENITH when driving, ATZ or FENTON for backcountry snowboarding, and FENTON clear lenses for road biking. My favorite among them is ATZ. It's a new model this year and comes in three colors. The round frame is stylish and has been well-received by my friends.
    The wooden frame is light and comfortable even when worn for a long time, the blue lens with black frame allows you to see clearly even on cloudy days, and the clear frame gives a modern look. I like them all! I think I use the clear frame the most! I like it because it's so me! DANG SHADES is a must-have item that is affordable, stylish, and highly functional!
  • Snowboarder
    Yuuta Watanabe
    (Watanabe Yuuta)
    My favorite frames are ZENITH. The frames are quite thin and light, and they fit really well when you wear them. The lenses are round and really cool, and because they are polarized, I think it's easy to see bumps and dents! They're great not only for snowboarding, but also for fishing!
  • Sports trainer/Spartan racer/chiropractor
    Tetsuya Ooi
    (Ooi Tetsuya)
    I often use the black soft frame and champagne gold lens color model of DANG SHADES FENTON when I run in the mountains. The thin frame makes it comfortable to run even with a cap on, and the polarized lenses make your feet look clearer, which changes your footwork, especially when going downhill. It also matches the style of trail running, so I recommend it.
  • Spartan Racer
    Tomoyo Kunimoto
    (Kunimoto Chiyo)
    My favorite is FENTON with its thin frame! It's light and comfortable to wear, so I use it stress-free even when I'm playing sports. I like chrome and pink mirror lens colors, and recently I've been enjoying matching wood pattern frames with my fashion. There are many different frame and lens colors, and I recommend polarized lenses because they give you a clear view!
  • Web creator/Angler
    Yuri Tanikawa
    (Yuri Tanigawa)
    DANG sunglasses are inexpensive, fashionable and functional! I use them not only for my hobby of fishing, but also when I go to the city or the mountains. I often use ORIGINAL and ATZ sunglasses, but I especially love the ATZ Crystal Clear x Silver Blue Mirror Polarized, which is a perfect match for its cute color.
  • Snowboarder / YouTuber
    Neil Hartmann
    (Neil Hartman)
    I always use DANG and enjoy a comfortable time. Since I live in Hokkaido, I use them most often when driving, and I want to use the perfect lens for the situation, so I always keep several DANGs in my car and choose the right lens for bright days, sunny days, cloudy days, etc.
    ATZ frames are my favorite model right now. I like the round shape, and they fit my face very well. I often use the color model that combines a wood pattern frame with black smoke polarized lenses. I also like RECOIL and GRASSER, which have more sports style shapes. I use them for mountain activities such as snowboarding and mountain biking.
    My favorite lens color is black smoke polarized lenses, but when I work as a photographer, there are times when polarized lenses are not very suitable when looking at the camera or monitor, so in those cases I use non-polarized lenses such as high contrast lenses or regular lenses.
    I think DANG is the perfect brand for people who love active outdoor activities. Their eyewear is comfortable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, camping, fishing, etc. In these situations, the sunglasses may get scratched or broken, but the price is reasonable, so you can buy new pairs and enjoy using them for several different occasions!
  • Camper/Angler
    Satoshi Shimizu
    (Satoshi Shimizu)
    For me, DANG sunglasses are a must-have for outdoor activities.
    When fishing, I love the polarized lenses ORIGINAL and LOCO. They reduce glare on the water surface, making them ideal for sight fishing.
    I like RECOIL for trekking and camping. The spring hinges make it stress-free even when used for long periods of time.
    You may think, "One pair of sunglasses is enough!", but you can choose the frame and lens color to suit your mood and the situation, so you can never have too many! (I counted carefully and I have 12 pairs.)
  • Outdoor Base Sotoaso / Staff
    Nobuyuki Kashiwagi
    (Nobuyuki Kashiwagi)
    I use the ORIGINAL, which has a fun design, when running on roads with good visibility and for everyday use outside of activities. I also like the wooden frame model of LOCO, and I enjoy the mirrored lenses of both.
    When you want a snug fit during intense activities like trail running, the spring coil RECOIL is the best choice. DANG's polarized lenses provide clear visibility on bright ridgelines and forested areas, block out UV rays, and reduce eye fatigue.
    All of the models are reliable eyewear that are fashionable and great value for money, without the mechanical look that is common with sports sunglasses.

    Outdoor Base Sotoaso Kisaichi Store
    Outdoor Base Sotoaso Iimori Store
  • Independent professional baseball league/pitcher
    Masahiro Sawada
    (Masakiyo Sawada)
    I mainly use RECOIL during baseball practice. It's a sport that often involves playing outdoors in the sun for long periods of time, so it's become a necessity now. The spring hinges mean that they fit well and don't tire you out even after wearing them for long periods of time. The lenses are large and have light-blocking properties, so since I started wearing them, my eyes are rarely tired after practice! I also really like the stylish design, and I use it when I'm outdoors or driving on the weekends!