Sold out! Fishing Festival 2023 was a huge success!

Following the outdoor show, the fishing festival held last weekend was also successfully completed!

The outdoor show was a huge success, with many more customers attending than last year, but the fishing festival was even more successful. It showed us just how deeply DANG has penetrated the fishing community, which made us very happy!

Thank you very much to everyone who visited the DANG booth and purchased fishing festival limited edition products!

Sales booth layout

The great value sunglasses that we brought with us for sale - limited edition fishing festival models - sold out on the second day, and the extra sunglasses we brought with us at short notice also sold out by 3pm on the final day!

We didn't think they would sell out, so we didn't have any sold out signs prepared, so we quickly wrote a sold out notice on paper bags and packed up our sales booth early!

Thank you very much to everyone who purchased the Fishing Festival limited edition model! We hope it will be a great companion for your fishing trips.

Exhibition booth layout

Angler supported by DANG, Aiuchi Yasuo ( @sakanairukana ), photographer Akagi "BON" Kazuaki ( @hvtbon ), and DANG lover and angler and web creator Tani Yuri ( @taniyuri314 ) came to support us and livened up the exhibition booth!

Among the exhibits were current models and new models for 2023, as well as new collaboration sunglasses with West Marine, the original brand of the popular fishing girls Fuchy and Nishi-san, and START collaboration sunglasses, which are well known for their Tairaba products!

Below are some photos from the day:

Bun-chan, also known as Fumina Ishikawa ( @bun0404 ), has been a long-time DANG user.

This is Mirai Onose ( @onosemirai ), a talent who also uses DANG.

↑Miku Miku, a fishing girl who also uses DANG ( @mic39thanks )

With Kitabatake Rankia ( @mrnobite ) from DANG Lovers!

A trio of snowboarders and anglers

↑I was interviewed by YouTubers, fishing web magazines, and local TV stations.

In this way, we had the opportunity to take photos with DANG lovers and supporters, and we had a really fun time with people who came to see DANG and those who were interested in DANG.

We will be exhibiting at KEEP CAST in Nagoya and the West Japan Fishing Expo in Kyushu this March, so if you are in the area, please feel free to come and visit us at the DANG booth!

Once again, thank you to everyone who came to Fishing Festival 2023!

We look forward to your continued support next year.