We have received some wonderful SNOW TRIP photos from DANG's support photographer, Akagi "BON" Kazuaki ( @hvtbon ), so we would like to introduce them to you!

Back Country at DAISEN

First, here are some photos from late January when I enjoyed some backcountry skiing accompanied by my snowboarding, climbing, and fishing buddy, Missy ( @akinorimishima ).

Missy is an adventurer who is a member of the popular mountaineering YouTube channel " THUNDER BIRD HILLS "! She regularly wears DANG eyewear when climbing and in her everyday life!

Kobaken ( @kobayashiken ), who is also a DANG user, is a local snowboarder who knows Mt. Daisen well!

It seems that the three of them had a great time in the backcountry!

A blissful moment in the fluffy snow...! It looks so comfortable!

The video has also been posted on BON's Instagram, so please take a look.

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Next, here are some photos from our trip to Hakuba in mid-February! We took lots of great photos with snowboarder Yoko ( @yoko1007 ), who also serves as a model for DANG!

Yoko seems to like wood patterned sunglasses and wears them often.

Sunglasses worn: FENTON Matt Dark Wood x Black Smoke Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00316]

The weather is great and the views are amazing!

Goggles worn by BON: DANG SNOW New ORIGINAL Matt Black Frame x High Contrast Champagne Gold Mirror lens [vidgg00016]

It's at the Natural Cafe Sol, located immediately to the right after entering Goryu's center house.

This is a vegetarian cafe where you can enjoy lunch menus centered around pesticide-free and chemically fertilized vegetables, as well as specialty coffee. In fact, the shop is run by the wife of snowboarder Yoshito Tanaka, a friend of BON's.

This is the stylish cafe bar "TSUGABASE" at the entrance to Tsugaike Kogen! The art on the walls is stylish!

They also met up with friends from outside the prefecture, making it a very enjoyable trip!

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Thank you Bon for the wonderful photos!

New sunglasses for SS2023 too!

During the Hakuba TRIP, Yoko was also wearing the new Spring/Summer 2023 sunglasses, "EASTHAM RP"!

As expected of Yoko, anything suits her!

New sunglasses, including the EASTHAM RP, are scheduled to be released around April 2023!

Everyone, please look forward to it ♪