[RECOMMEND Vol.2] RECOIL Black Soft x Black Smoke Polarized [THedAY designed model]

[RECOMMEND Vol.2] RECOIL Black Soft x Black Smoke Polarized [THedAY designed model]

This time we will introduce the THEdAY collaboration model from the "RECOIL" frame model, which is the brand's first to use spring hinges!

RECOIL frames have spring hinges that allow the temples to open 90 degrees, providing a perfect fit regardless of the size of your face and a stress-free wearing experience. DANG SHADES' official support professional, Akagi "BON" Kazuaki , is also a fan.

The black smoke lenses protect your eyes from the harsh midsummer sun and keep your vision clear, so they're highly recommended for this time of year!

Visible transmittance: approx . 15%
Polarization rate: Approximately 99%
Comes with original neoprene case
6,985 yen (tax included)

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This product was also featured in an article on the GO OUT website.

About THedAY

The brand is based on the concept of "THEDAY," which means "the best day," and is the term used by surfers on the day they catch a good wave or snowboarders on the day they hit powder.


Dang's first spring hinge model. The temples open more than 90 degrees for a stress-free fit and an exquisite shape that can be used by both men and women.

[Polarized lenses]

These lenses enhance contrast without compromising color tones, cut out dazzling diffuse reflections from snowy fields, etc., and ensure clear, comfortable visibility without tiring the eyes. They are more effective than regular lenses at helping you understand the riding conditions on the slopes.

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