Snowboarding YouTuber Neil Hartman introduced DANG's SNOW GOGGLE on his channel.

The latest model of DANG SNOW GOGGLE was introduced on the channel of Neil Hartman, a snowboarding YouTuber living in Japan!

This video allows you to clearly see the overall details and finer details, so please be sure to check it out!

Channel name: Neil Hartmann

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Neil Hartmann

In 1991 , Neil moved from California to Hokkaido. After serving as the MC of the popular snowboarding program "No Matter Board," which is still broadcast in some areas, he started creating original snowboarding videos. The snowboarding movie " CAR DANCHI ," which once captivated many snowboarders, is a popular series that can be said to be his representative work, and he is active in a wide range of fields as a videographer, photographer, and MC based in Hokkaido. His own YouTube channel, which continues to take a variety of video approaches that are typical of Neil, is attracting attention.

For the 21-23 season, the theme is " S-LOG ," and the event will promote the appeal of snowboarding through video.