Precautions for handling mirror lenses

Mirror lenses have a mirror finish on the surface of the lens, but improper handling can cause the mirror coating to peel off or crack.

This time we have summarized precautions for handling mirror lenses, so if you are a mirror lens user or are considering purchasing mirror lenses, please read it.

Precautions for handling mirror lenses


Do not wipe the lens if there is dust or foreign matter on it.

If you wipe the lens with a dry cloth while dust or foreign particles are still on the surface of the lens, the dust or foreign particles will rub against the coating, causing scratches and peeling.

Do not wipe when wet.

If you wipe the surface when it has been left with water on it for a long time and has water stains, the same situation will occur as described above, which may cause the coating to become scratched or peel off.

Do not expose to salt water

By its very nature, mirror finish is weak against aqueous solutions and may undergo a chemical reaction with sweat, salt water, cosmetics, etc., causing the finish to dissolve and peel off.

If it does come into contact with salt water, rinse it immediately with fresh water.

Do not leave in a high temperature location

The lens itself expands when exposed to high temperatures, but the mirror coating does not expand, so if you leave it in a hot place for a long period of time, such as inside a car in the summer, it may crack.

If dust or foreign matter gets on the mirror-coated lens or if it has been wet for a long time, first rinse it with water and then gently wipe it off with a soft material such as a glasses cloth before storing it.

If the mirror coating has peeled off

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