Dang Shades x Line Slack collaboration model will go on sale on May 29th (Sun)!!

Line Slack, a manufacturer and retailer of original fishing tackle in Asakusa, Tokyo, will start selling their "PRIME TIME SPECIAL" polarized glasses for top water fishing at Line Slack dealers and at Line Slack from Sunday, May 29th.

We selected the most suitable polarized lens for low light from a huge number of lens samples and tested it repeatedly in various low light conditions, making it a product we are confident in!

The lens color ensures bright visibility even in low light conditions such as mornings and evenings, which are the most exciting times when there are many bites in top water fishing, as well as when there is little light, such as on cloudy or rainy days.The mirror-coated lenses effectively protect against diffuse reflections from the water surface against the light that shines at an angle in the mornings and evenings, making it easy to see underwater and reducing eye fatigue.

It's light and comfortable, weighing just 24g! And the price is very reasonable!

Dang Shades × LineSlackPRIME TIME SPECIAL

LineSlac original polarized glasses for top water fishing

LS logo on the case and main body 24g

Retail price: ¥ 6,0006,600 including tax)

To reserve or purchase, please visit a Line Slack store!

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You can also pre-order at Asakusa Line Slack!

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You can watch the video of the test at the following URL :




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