[Go touring!! vol.1] Photographer BON × Bike × DANG

BON, a photographer supported by DANG, has sent us some photos and a report on the bike touring he's been into lately!

DANG sunglasses seem to be a good match for touring as well.

Please take a look!

It all started with the Little Cub

I thought I'd never ride a motorcycle.

After I acquired a Little Cub from an elderly couple and serviced it myself, my first trip began with a round trip from Okayama to Tsuyama on the scooter.

The Little Cub has become a reliable companion not only on holidays but also during commuting.

A new bike and mid-distance touring

A motorcyclist friend invited me on a second tour to the sea near my home.

DANG PRON TO Clear Wood frame x Single High contrast Lens (High contrast lens) [vidgsg0002]

With the addition of a new bike, this was my first medium-distance tour.

Drip coffee while on a motorcycle tour - something I've always dreamed of.

ATZ Tortoise Matte x Green Gray Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00450]

The original route was planned to be 150km round trip, but we decided to stretch our legs and head north on the return journey from the west.

With a motorcycle you can easily stop by places that you might have passed by in your car.

On my third trip, I experienced such fun and covered 250km in one day.

While looking out at the Seto Inland Sea

For my fourth trip, I wanted to take a leisurely ride along the coast, so I chose a route with a view of the Seto Inland Sea.

A spectacular view point overlooking Mt. Daisen

Originally, I started riding the bike to get to work, but I've gradually customized it to the point where I can now enjoy riding it for medium distances.

The fifth touring trip was to Kagikake Pass, where you can see Mt. Oyama, which is 260km round trip from my house. A helmet is indispensable for motorcycles, and DANGSHADES is set for any weather. DANGSHADES, which even has night lenses that are perfect for night touring, is an essential item just like a helmet.

RECOIL Dark Black Wood Matte x Green Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00469]

Six months have passed since I started riding motorcycles. Having survived one winter, I can now not only commute to work, but also live my daily life with these two small motorcycles and DANGSHADES.

FENTON Navy Clear Gloss x Blue Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00471]
RECOIL Dark Black Wood Matte x Green Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00469]

Writer Profile

Name: Akagi "BON" Kazusato

DANG supporting photographer.
He enjoys fishing, biking, camping, and more using his carefully selected gear.

INSTA: @hvtbon