[FISHING] Yakushima to Tokara expedition! DANG sunglasses are a great companion for boat fishing in stormy weather

Nice to meet you! I'm Taniyuri ( @taniyuri314 ), a DANG lover and angler!

The other day I went on a fishing expedition from Yakushima to the Tokara Islands!

For anglers, it's a dream sea that they want to visit at least once.... Super high-class fish such as large amberjack, spotted grouper, grouper and striped amberjack, as well as many species of fish never seen before...

However, on the day of the trip, the rainy season ended and the water temperature rose rapidly, creating tidal waves that created a Splash Mountain-like situation on the boat. In this article, I would like to share the whole story of the fishing trip, including an episode where I was glad to have DANG sunglasses!

Water splashes hitting the face

As mentioned above, the atmosphere on the ship during the trip is almost like Splash Mountain.

The water splashed down on me mercilessly from head to toe, so I was completely soaked the whole time!

As you can see, the group without sunglasses had a hard time as the seawater hit their eyes directly.

It was quite a hassle wrapping a towel around myself and protecting myself with a hat, but thanks to my sunglasses I managed to avoid it hitting my eyes directly, and although I was soaking wet I was able to stay somewhat comfortable!

Half-open eyes during a nap

Even during Splash Mountain mode, it's a great opportunity to take a nap while traveling!

The truth is, I want to sleep whenever I get the chance to recover some of my strength!

So I fell asleep during the trip, but it seems I was sleeping with my eyes half-closed, which shocked everyone else.

I won't be embarrassed to admit that at the time I was wearing light black LOCO sunglasses with premium lenses, so my eyes were clearly visible...

Since I am also a woman (age undisclosed), I quickly changed to ATZ mirror lenses and was able to get through this difficult situation safely!

With mirror lenses, you can roll your eyes and no one will notice you're secretly people-watching! I'm so glad I have them.

I also did some fishing.

So far, I've only been talking about traveling and haven't had a chance to talk about fishing, but I have been fishing quite a bit...!

Offshore, the clouds had cleared and it was very bright and hot... I think the UV levels were also much stronger than on the main island.

The water surface is also dazzling... It's blue and beautiful, but it's impossible to look at with the naked eye. I'm so glad I had these DANG sunglasses!!

By the way, as for the catch, as you can see...

The end of the rainy season caused the water temperature to rise rapidly, making for a rather challenging fishing trip!



If your sunglasses have become dirty with seawater, rinse them thoroughly with water, remove the moisture using kitchen paper, and dry them in the shade!

Do not scrub the lens as this may damage it!

Product Information

ATZ Wood Matte x Green Mirror Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00425]

Visible Light Transmittance: 15%

5,500 yen (tax included)

LOCO Black soft x Light black PREMIUM LENS

Semi-permanent anti-fog treatment/99% polarization/Blue light cut/Hard coat included

Visible light transmittance: approx. 34%

5,940 yen (tax included)


Name: Taniyari

Web creator / Fisherman

INSTA: @taniyuri314