[FOR SNOWBOARD vol.1] Why it's useful to have sunglasses along with goggles when snowboarding

I'm M, a DANG staff member who has been enjoying snowboarding for nearly 20 years!

Yeti , the ski slope located at the second station of Mt. Fuji, opened on October 22nd, the earliest opening day in Japan. So, this time, we would like to introduce you to a snowboarding theme : "Why it's convenient to have sunglasses in addition to goggles when snowboarding!"

These sunglasses are perfect for enjoying snowboarding or skiing on clear, sunny days or during the spring season as they don't easily get sweaty or fog up!

Above all, the exhilarating feeling of gliding while feeling the wind directly on you is the best!

You can also enjoy hiking up BC!

Using sunglasses and goggles together eliminates the disadvantages of each!

Generally, you'll probably only use sunglasses on sunny days when it's not windy, so I recommend bringing both and deciding which to use depending on the local conditions!

By using sunglasses and goggles appropriately, you will be able to enjoy activities in the snow-covered mountains more comfortably.

Naked eyes are a big no-no!

UV rays can cause damage to your eyes and increase various risks.

In winter, people tend to neglect taking measures to protect themselves from UV rays, but I think it is especially important to take measures against UV rays in winter.

In winter, the sun is low in the sky, the sunlight hits your eyes directly, and the amount of UV rays is about 80% of that in midsummer, so be sure to protect your eyes and enjoy the season!

Sunglasses recommended for snowy mountains

My favorite model is "RECOIL" .

The hinge part has a spring structure, so there is less pressure when you put them on, and they won't hurt even if you are skiing for a long time, from first thing in the morning to the last lift.

↑In the photo at the beginning, the glasses I'm wearing are also RECOIL .

I went to Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort during Golden Week and it felt great!!!

By the way, I was wearing goggles on my head that day, but I didn't have a chance to use them.

It is a unisex model, so it fits women too. When a woman puts it on, it looks like the picture below. ↓

Depending on the situation, choose the item that will make you the most comfortable on that day!

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