[FOR FISHING vol.1] Polarized sunglasses from DANG, chosen by anglers

For anglers who spend a lot of time outdoors during the day exposed to UV rays and looking at the glaring reflections on the water's surface, sunglasses to protect their eyes are almost a necessity.

DANG SHADES is an eyewear brand founded by American professional snowboarder Chris Beresford, but it is actually very popular among anglers.

Why are so many anglers using DANG SHADES? We will introduce you to the reasons why anglers choose DANG SHADES!

Reasons why anglers choose us

Best of all, great value for money! Polarized sunglasses starting at 5,500 yen

DANG SHADES offers fashionable and practical items for active people at affordable prices that can be easily replaced if lost or broken.


Regular lens sunglasses start at 4,070 yen
Polarized sunglasses start at 5,500 yen

A wide variety of polarized lenses available!

The color of polarized lenses you choose will vary depending on the time of day and your purpose.

for example…

If you want to see fish and structures clearly underwater → Brown lenses

RECOIL Black Soft x Amber Polarized [vidg00412]

For those who want to clarify the contours of underwater objects and scenery while reducing glare and eye strain → Gray lenses

ORIGINAL NAVY Matte x Gray Polarized (Yuya Akada design model) [vidg00414]

LOCO Black Soft x Dark Green Gray Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00271]

For use in dim light such as dawn and dusk → green or yellow lenses

ZENITH Black Soft x Solid Green Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00395]

We have a lineup that will satisfy those who want to choose the lens color according to their purpose. *The items are just examples.

Enjoy a wide variety of styles and fashion!

DANG SHADES sunglasses come in a wide variety of lens colors, frame models, and frame colors! The lineup is based on the latest trends and is perfect for sports and outdoor activities, as well as for everyday use around town, so they are very popular with fashion-conscious anglers!


    We'll show you how anglers actually use DANG by taking some great photos of them using DANG SHADES items!


    Photo by @onosemirai 

    Photo by @yutokojima
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    Photo by @yglabo_yuki
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    Photo by @mari_fuchigami
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    Photo by @hvtbon

    Photo by @taniyuri314
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    Photo by @yglabo_yuki
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    DANG polarized sunglasses are cheap, stylish, and functional.

    Do you understand why anglers choose it?

    Find your favorite from the wide variety available!

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