[FOR CAMP vol.1] The ultimate coffee time at day camp

Nowadays, camping has become very popular, and there are many different ways to spend time and enjoy camping. BON ( @hvtbon ), an official support member of DANG SHADES, has always loved camping and the outdoors, and has been steadily collecting camping gear.

This time, I had the opportunity to join DANG LOVER Yoko ( @yoko1007 ) for a coffee break at BON's day camp, so I'd like to introduce her to you!

What I prepared

↑A Bialetti Makinetta (direct-fire espresso machine) with a cute print

↑Coffee mill (manufacturer unknown)

↑ Coffee beans purchased in advance (from El Salvador)

We also prepared a drip pot, paper filters for dripping, and nuts as snacks! (※All of these are BON's personal belongings)

Espresso and drip coffee

As mentioned above, I brought an espresso maker and drip equipment with me this time, so I will be making both espresso and drip.

First, transfer the coffee beans you purchased into the coffee mill and turn the handle to grind the beans.

Once you've ground it to your desired coarseness, place it in the moka pot and light it!

After a while, coffee will start to spurt out from the top!

*The lid has been opened to take the photo, but it sprays out a lot so be sure to keep the lid closed before using.

This is how your espresso coffee is completed!

Yoko and I each shared half of the espresso coffee!

By the way, I don't like coffee so I mixed it with milk.

It had a deep flavor and was very delicious!

Next up is BON's drip coffee.

Transfer the boiled water into a drip pot and pour it over the ground beans placed in drip paper.

Pour in a little at a time while waiting for the hot water to drain.

The ground beans swelled up as they absorbed the hot water and looked really cute!

I accidentally forgot to take a picture of the finished drip coffee, but the long-awaited coffee break time has arrived.

The time spent taking the time to brew coffee outdoors and then leisurely sipping the finished coffee whilst enjoying enjoyable conversation was truly pleasant, making for a truly supreme coffee experience!

BON was also delighted, saying, "I had the most fun time ever!"

Now that the weather is getting chilly, we recommend a coffee break at a day camp to warm both your body and soul!

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Worn by YOKO

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