[FISHING & BBQ] We went sea bream fishing and BBQ on the START! [Part 2]

Hello! I'm Tani Yuri from DANG Lovers!

This is the second part of our report on a sea bream fishing and BBQ trip on a boat operated by Okayama fishing tackle manufacturer START !

After a morning of sea bream fishing, it's time for the long-awaited BBQ and the second half of the red sea bream fishing trip!

Please check it out ♪

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Lunch is island BBQ

For lunch, we headed to the main island of Setouchi! We transported a large amount of BBQ gear and set it up!

This incredibly American-sized grill was transported by boat...!

After setting up, everyone split up and prepared for the BBQ!

We didn't just grill meat and vegetables, we also made curry rice and seared grouper sashimi, making for a very extravagant lunch.

The second half of the Tairaba season

After finishing lunch, all that's left is the second half of the red sea bream fishing season!

We had enough photos of everyone in the first half, so there aren't many photos from the second half...!

Although not as many as in the first half, there were still a few sea bream caught on the boat, but BON, who had not yet caught a sea bream that day, finally got a hit!

Finally, everyone got a hit in the second half of the Tairaba game.

And so we were able to complete the shoot safely!

As the water temperature drops, it becomes more difficult to fish for red snapper in the Setouchi Sea, but it seems like there's still plenty to do♪

Everyone, please give Setouchi Tairaba a try!


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A fishing tackle manufacturer based in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, that designs and manufactures fishing tackle that really works, with a focus on red sea bream, in the greedy pursuit of catches.

START's main product, the red snapper "2step TG" series, has become a long-selling product with enduring popularity, mainly in the Setouchi area, as word of mouth has gradually spread about its overwhelming fishing power.

With unconventional imagination and the ability to put it into practice, he has been involved in the development of numerous industry-first technologies.

START Official Site


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