[FISHING & BBQ] We went sea bream fishing and BBQ on the START! [Part 1]

Hello! I'm Tani Yuri from DANG Lovers!

The other day, I went sea bream fishing and had a BBQ as part of a promotional shoot for Okayama fishing tackle manufacturer START !

We're not going to hide it, everyone at START loves DANG too!

We were also joined by DANG SHADES' support photographer, Akagi "BON" Kazuaki, who also lives in Okayama Prefecture. It was a fun day with DANG lovers, so I would like to write a report about it.

Let's set sail on the START!

We arrived at the port at 7am and the first thing we did was unload our luggage!

This time we will not only be fishing but also having a BBQ, so we will also have a boat to carry the BBQ gear, separate from the fishing boat!

We'll show it in the second part, but this boat is equipped with an incredibly large barbecue grill!

I also busily loaded up the small items I would use for the BBQ!

Along the way, BON took some cool photos for us!

On this day, many of the START members, including myself, were wearing the DANG SHADES x START collaboration polarized sunglasses that were released this year!

These cool sunglasses are printed with an illustration based on the START issue.

After loading the BBQ gear, we loaded the fishing gear onto the START!

Everyone's tackles were spectacular with all the STARTs!

On this day, START testers from outside the prefecture also gathered, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the event.

As mentioned above, they gathered on this day to do promotional photo shoots, so not only BON but also a cameraman from START was on hand!

Once all the luggage has been loaded, it's time to set sail!

Tairaba in the shallow waters off the coast of Shimotsui

This time, we were shooting off the coast of Shimotsui, which is close to where we are, so we arrived at the location in about 15 minutes from the port.

We all got excited and prepared our tackle! We went after sea bream with tairaba lures!

About the device

We mainly use the classic rig that combines START's main product, the tungsten red snapper "2step TG", and the "replacement unit triple hook short curly"!

The spot is in extremely shallow waters of about 15m to 30m off the coast of Shimotsui!

Once the first glance began, everyone had serious looks on their faces...!

And right there I got my first hit!

In fact, I had accompanied him on a research fishing trip two days prior, and although he was reluctant, he managed to figure out the pattern at the very last moment!

Orange ties are great for slow rolling! Share the information with everyone right away!

Seeing the face of the sea bream got everyone excited! From here on out, there was a huge hit rush!

With triple hits and double hits, they're in great form!

There are no photos, but we caught a lot of flatheads.

However, for some reason, only BON had puffer fish.

Unfortunately, time ran out in the first half...!

Will they be able to get revenge in the second half of the game?

The second half of the BBQ & red snapper fishing will be continued in the next part...

Watch Part 2


A fishing tackle manufacturer based in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, that designs and manufactures fishing tackle that really works, with a focus on red sea bream, in the greedy pursuit of catches.

START's main product, the red snapper "2step TG" series, has become a long-selling product with enduring popularity, mainly in the Setouchi area, as word of mouth has gradually spread about its overwhelming fishing power.

With unconventional imagination and the ability to put it into practice, he has been involved in the development of numerous industry-first technologies.

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Wearing sunglasses introduction

Worn by Taniyari and other members

LOCO Black Matte with START x Dark Green Gray Polarized [START collaboration model]

5,500 yen

Wearing BON

FENTON Black soft x Navy blue PREMIUM LENS (Japanese polarized lenses)

5,940 yen

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