[DANG SUMMER 2023] I went to the beach with some fun friends!

Hello everyone! I'm Tani Yuri from DANG LOVERS.

The other day, I went to the beach with DANG's support photographer BON ( @htvbon ) and Yoko ( @yoko1007 ) , who is a model for DANG's photos!

Many other DANG users also gathered and had a great time!

It was a really fun holiday, so I'd like to share some photos with you!

■ Click here for the photo collection taken by BON↓

The gathered members

A total of 9 members gathered!

From left, BON ( @hvtbon ), Kaorin ( @kanrin0122 ), Kobaken ( @kobayashiken ), Dane-chan ( @danechan0717 ), Shin-chan ( @nakanakashinsuke ), Shin-chan's daughter Rina-chan, Shin-chan's son Haruki-kun, Yoko-san ( @yoko1007 ), and Taniyuri ( @taniyuri314 ).

We are a fun group of people who share the same interests as each other, such as fishing, diving, snowboarding, etc.

Everyone loves playing in the sea

Our members have a wide variety of interests, but we all share a love of playing in the ocean!

Dane-chan brought two SUPs, and the other members also brought snorkeling gear and were full of energy!

It was a scorching hot day, so being in the ocean felt amazing!

Taking a nap on a SUP is great too!

Luxurious meal

Everyone brings their own food when they go to the beach!

Yoko treated us to her special tacos for lunch!

Dane-chan also eats well!

↓BON treated us to the coffee he's been obsessed with lately!

The attention to detail is amazing!

↓Dane-chan hosted a super lavish meat BBQ in the evening!

I don't have any photos, but the other members brought along some pretty lavish food, including rock oysters, beef tongue, and turban shells!

By the way, I prepared some red spotted grouper sashimi that I caught a week ago and watermelon.

What's more, we also made tempura and sashimi using the whiting we caught locally!

Freshly caught and fried is definitely delicious!!!

Sunset Time

The sunset after playing in the sea is the best!

The long-awaited end of the rainy season has arrived in Japan. There's still plenty of time to enjoy the ocean!

I hope that everyone who reads this article has a wonderful summer vacation!

■ Click here for the photo collection taken by BON↓

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