Introducing the latest DANG SHADES 2024 catalog and new products

The latest DANG SHADES 2024 catalogue was finally released today!

There are 12 new items scheduled to be released in March 2024!

The new frame model for 2024, "FLOATY," is the first floating sunglasses in DANG history that "floats on water."

The lineup includes 11 polarized lens models, including the three floating sunglasses mentioned above that are ideal for sea or water activities such as fishing and boating, as well as one night lens model that is convenient for driving at night!

Please look forward to it!


Makes playing in the water more fun and comfortable.

FLOATY, a new frame model for 2024, is a pair of sunglasses with a floating design that makes them a great companion for activities at the beach or near water.

The frames are available in a Boston-style B shape and a Wellington-style W shape, and come in three different types, including a unique tortoiseshell pattern and a popular color that goes well with any outfit.

The part that touches your nose is embedded with anti-slip rubber, so it won't slip even if you look down or move vigorously.

FLOATY's greatest feature is its ability to float, which not only prevents it from becoming submerged in water and avoids the stress of losing it, but also helps combat marine debris by making it easier to pick up without sinking.


We also have a wide range of new sunglasses in various colors, from practical to unique.

Look forward to DANG's new items!

Click here to download the 2024 catalog PDF