Starring Hayate Kajiwara! DANG SHADES' music video and making-of released!

Kajiwara Hayate appears! LOCO's polarized sunglasses are amazing because they are light and stay in place even when performing acrobatic tricks! "Move with sunglasses!" DANG's PV is now available!

Starting Saturday, August 12, 2023, the DANG SHADES promotional movie starring actor Kajiwara Hayate (hereinafter referred to as Hayate-kun) will be available for streaming!
Hayato, who is a fan of DANG sunglasses even in his private life, put on LOCO sunglasses and performed an acrobatic performance that has its roots in the martial art of "tricking"!

This promotional video was created with the concept that "DANG sunglasses will not come off even during intense tricking movements." Yuujin Shibuya (hereafter referred to as Shibuya-san) of RED EYES' FLIM, who has worked on many classic snowboarding movies, participated in the filming and editing, and the result is a very dynamic and cool movie!

Along with the start of distribution, we have prepared a special project where you can see the making of the promotional movie and secret videos for a limited time, so please take a look ♪

Hayate Kajihara ( @hayate_kajihara )

Born in Hyogo Prefecture / Yoshimoto Kogyo / Ultraman Blazer

He is also an actor currently playing the role of Bando Yasunobu in "Ultraman Blazer," which began airing on TV Tokyo on Saturday, July 8, 2023. His stoically trained physique is impressive, which is hard to imagine from his sweet appearance!

Making of "Move with Sunglasses!"

Early morning sea photography

The filming took place at a location in the Kanto region near the sea at the end of July.
The rainy season had already ended and temperatures were over 30°C every day, so filming started early at 5:30am!

The first location is on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background.

Hayato does careful warm-up exercises, while Shibuya sets up the equipment.

We chose a location with a relatively clean background for the video, removed any small driftwood or shells from the sand on the beach where the performance took place, and then we finally began filming!

While having Hayato actually perform the performance, we will check his small movements on site and adjust the distance from the camera, etc.

As expected from Shibuya, who usually works on video productions of snowboarding, a sport that requires a lot of physical activity, with each filming session, he and Hayato's chemistry improved and the footage became more and more dynamic.

Hayato had a hard time performing perfectly because the beach where they performed was not flat but tilted and his feet kept getting caught in the sand, but by repeatedly filming and checking the footage, he was able to film perfectly on the beach right until the very end!!

At the end, sand flies towards the camera in a powerful scene! The ocean video is a secret edition, so it can only be viewed by those who purchase DANG products for a limited time! It's a special movie that fans must see, so don't miss this chance to buy a pair of DANG sunglasses!

Park photoshoot

After shooting on the beach, we headed to the park!
When shooting on the beach, we had issues with the slope of the ground, so we all searched for a place in the park that would be suitable for performing.

As the temperature gradually rose, we took a short break before resuming filming.
Even during breaks, Hayato came up with ideas for camera positions and filming on the beach, and was always positive and proactive, saying, "I want people to know how great DANG is through our tricking performance!"

After carefully checking the movements with Shibuya-san beforehand, filming began in the park! The ground on which the performance was to take place was perfectly even, and Hayato-kun performed a perfect performance many times.

At the same time, Shibuya was also getting used to the trajectory of the tricking movements, and the two of them were in sync with each other even better than when they were filming at the ocean, with the quality of the footage improving with each repetition!
Both Hayato and Shibuya were unwilling to compromise and worked to the limit as professionals to capture the best possible footage.
In the end, the performance footage was so good that the whole crew, including the two of them, were overjoyed, and the shoot ended with a high-five from Hayato and Shibuya-san, who were both very satisfied with the footage!!
The shooting time ended up being much longer than originally planned, and the temperature at the final park was close to 30°C, but Hayato and Shibuya really did their best to "get the best footage" for DANG.

In this promotional video, along with the DANG brand image, you will be able to see that the LOCO frame model used in the shoot boasts a high level of grip that will not come off even during considerable movement.

The theme of the promotional movie is "Move with sunglasses!", and it is our hope that DANG sunglasses will support your enjoyment in a variety of active situations, not just during the hot summer.

We hope you enjoy your time with DANG sunglasses!

Limited time only! Secret video viewing campaign

Between Saturday, August 12th and Saturday, September 30th, 2023, everyone who purchases products at DANG SHADES JP will receive a URL to watch the secret Sea Edition promotional movie!
The performance was very impressive, with the beach in the background and the sand kicking up with great force! The relaxed atmosphere after the performance was also wonderful, making this a must-see treasured movie for fans.
Don't miss this chance to buy DANG products!

*The URL of the secret video will be included in the email you receive when the product is shipped. If you are unable to receive emails from [support@dangshades.jp] due to spam settings, you will not be able to receive the URL of the secret video, so please make sure to allow emails in advance.
*The viewing period for the secret video will be until October 10th. Please note that you will no longer be able to watch it after that date.

Filming cooperation:

Performance: Hayate Kajiwara

・Profile page of affiliated agency

Photography and editing: Yuji Shibuya (RED EYES' FLIM)

·Official site
・YouTube channel

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