Introducing DANG LOVER'S Neil Hartman's YOUTUBE channel

Today we would like to introduce the YouTube channel of snowboarder and video creator Neil Hartman!

Neil uses DANG products in many of the videos on his YouTube channel, which focus on snowboarding and the outdoors.

In particular, in the third episode of the above-mentioned " S-LOG ," Neil's homemade DANG commercial appears!

This is a fantastic commercial with a laid back and fun atmosphere that is so characteristic of DANG, so be sure to check it out!


Neil Hartmann

In 1991 , he moved from California to Hokkaido. After taking on the role of MC for the popular snowboarding show "No Matter Board," which is still broadcast in some areas , he started creating original snowboarding videos.

Neil is currently based in Hokkaido and is active in a wide range of fields as a videographer, photographer and MC , with his hit series "DANCHI " (Car Complex) being his signature work. His YouTube channel, which features a variety of video approaches characteristic of Neil, is currently garnering attention.

For the 21-23 season, the theme is " S-LOG ," and the event will promote the appeal of snowboarding through video.


You can also watch the DANG commercial video below.