[DANG x Clear Sea] I went on an autumn fishing trip for red sea bream in Tokyo Bay!

Hello everyone! I'm Tani Yuri ( @taniyuri314 ) from DANG Lovers!

Recently, when I went to Tokyo, I went on a fishing boat with six members of DANG SHADES and the weather forecast app "Umikaisei"!

We enjoyed fishing for red sea bream in Tokyo Bay on the "Nonchan Maru" which departs from Ota Ward. Everyone looked great in DANG sunglasses.

Sunglasses worn: EASTHAM RP Black Matte x Light Brown Polarized

I accidentally forgot to bring my life jacket, but they lent me one that they keep on the boat!

It took about an hour to get to the point. I was excited to see the big, colorful tankers that I don't often see locally, and the city-like buildings in the distance, which were a totally different view from the usual!

Let's start fishing!

Once we arrived at the spot, it was time to start fishing!

Tairaba is a very simple type of fishing that allows you to catch red sea bream by simply dropping a lure designed specifically for tairaba to the bottom, reeling it in and letting it drop several to ten times, and repeating this process!

Sunglasses worn: LOCO Black Matte with START x Dark Green Gray Polarized [START collaboration model]

Everyone continues rolling in silence...!

The first person to catch a fish was Takeuchi from Umikaisei!!

It's not a red sea bream, but it's a nice sized gurnard.

DANG's Hoshi-kun, a beginner at boat fishing, also caught a mackerel!

Next up was Takeuchi, who caught a huge barracuda!

And I also caught a rockfish!!!

I can't seem to catch the main target... (tears)

It's relatively easy to catch red sea bream in the Seto Inland Sea, but it seems things are different in Tokyo Bay... It took a bit of practice, but finally, a red sea bream appeared!

The one who caught it was Mr. Wada from Umi Kaisei!!

And me too...!!!

At the very last moment, I finally caught a red sea bream!!!

It was a difficult day, and the other two beginners had no hits, so it was a sad catch, but we all had fun fishing together.

Nonchanmaru, the boat we went on board that day, rents out tackle and life jackets, and also sells red snapper lures on board, so even beginners without any equipment can board with confidence!

The female staff will teach you how to fish, kill the fish, and give you gentle support. They will do everything they can to help you, so if you have the chance, please come and try it out!

■ Fishing boat Nonchanmaru


For reservations and inquiries: 090-3235-0456

About Umikaisei

Umikaisei, who we joined this time, publishes detailed weather forecasts and general conditions at sea on their website and app!

This is a perfect weather forecast service for anglers and sea lovers, so be sure to give it a try.

We also operate a wave information site for surfers called "Nami Densetsu"!

■Marine Weather Sea Clear Sky


■Wave Legend Surfing Wave Information


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