The 2023 "2WAY D-STRING" giveaway campaign will be held on the 5th of every month!

■ Campaign Overview

Campaign Name:
5th of the month "2WAY D-STRING" gift campaign 2023

Campaign Details:
All customers who place an order including sunglasses on the campaign day will receive one free "2WAY D-STRING" .

Campaign date:
Six days in 2023: July 5th, July 15th, July 25th, August 5th, August 15th, August 25th

Campaign conditions:
・On any of the campaign dates,
Your order has been accepted and includes sunglasses.


・During the period, only one purchase per person per day is eligible. If the applicable dates for your orders are different, we will respond on an as-is basis, but even in that case, only one purchase per person per day is eligible.
・Please note that the implementation period of this campaign may be changed without notice due to reasons such as campaign products being sold out.
・Purchases and orders made through any store other than the official DANG SHADES JP online store are not eligible.
・This offer is only available to customers residing in Japan and orders for delivery within Japan.
・Cannot be used in conjunction with other campaigns.
・For any questions, please use the form in the "Contact Us" section on the DANG SHADES JP website.