[From October 5th] Three new types of DANG anorak parkas are now available! [Water-resistant and breathable]

Introducing DANG SHADES JP's first brand original anorak pullover! Some stores have already started selling it, but it will also be available on our website from October 5, 2023!

Available in three colors: black, light blue, and light beige.

With a water resistance of 5,000 mm and permeability of 5,000 g, it is water resistant enough to withstand a certain amount of rain and snow, and has breathability that allows moisture to escape, being able to expel approximately 200 g of water vapor per hour, making it comfortable to wear.

The pocket has a sunglasses case built in, as is typical of eyewear brands. It is made of polyester fiber and can be used to wipe off dirt from the lenses.

This product is packable and can be stored in the front pocket, making it easy to carry when traveling and dealing with changes in weather.

Be sure to try out DANG's anorak parka, which is perfect for both town and activities!

[Product Specifications]

Material: Body: 100 % nylon, sunglasses case: 100 % polyester

Features: Water resistance 5,000 mm / Permeability 5,000 g

Size: M/L/XL/XXL

Sales price: 10,945 yen (tax included)

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* This product is available in very limited quantities on our website, and some sizes have been out of stock since the first release. If you would like to purchase an item that is out of stock, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you contact the store directly.

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