Thank you for attending Fishing Festival 2024!

The Yokohama Fishing Festival was held with the participation of the popular fishing girls Fuchy and Nishi-chan! This year's event ended with a great success!

The number of visitors was an astounding 35,848, about 1.5 times that of the previous year!

Thanks to you all, the DANG booth was a huge success, far exceeding last year's in both exhibits and sales, and we all had a great time!

Thank you very much to everyone who visited the DANG booth and purchased fishing festival limited edition products!

Sales booth layout

This time we had a wide lineup! Everyone tried on a variety of glasses and found their favorite!

This time, there were also hats in collaboration with special guests Fuchy and Nishichan's original brand WestMarine, and the two of them were at the merchandise booth on the second day!

By the final day, only a few items were left in the extensive lineup, and sales were at an all-time high!

We were really pleased to see that many people came looking for DANG sunglasses, including those who are already DANG lovers and those who purchased them at last year's fishing festival, rather than just discovering them while passing by!

Thank you very much to everyone who purchased limited edition fishing festival items!

I hope it will be a great companion for your fishing trips.

Exhibition booth layout

Just like last year, angler Aiuchi Yasuo ( @sakanairukana ), and photographer Akagi "BON" Kazuaki ( @hvtbon ), both supported by DANG, came to support the exhibition booth and livened up the event!

Many current models will be on display, with a focus on new models for 2024!

The floating sunglasses, perfect for anglers, were especially popular with visitors to the exhibition!

*The item floating in the tank is a sample and its design differs from the product planned for release.

At the merchandise booth, we gave out lottery tickets to those who purchased products, and we also had the chance to play the lottery at the exhibition booth! There were multiple big winners, and this was also a big hit!

On the third day, Fuchy and Nishin stood at our exhibition booth!

Thanks to the energy of these two, the venue was packed with customers from start to finish.

Bun-chan, also known as Fumina Ishikawa ( @bun0404 ), who has been a regular customer of DANG for a long time, visited our booth again this year♪

Bun-chan seems to like ATZ ♪

Many other DANG fans also came to visit our booth!

This year too, I had a great time spending time with all the DANG lovers and it was really fun.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came to Fishing Festival 2024!

Thank you for your continued support next year!