Make a good impression! 3 recommended sunglasses that go well with masks

This may be a bit sudden, but how do you use a mask and sunglasses at the same time?

Many people wear sunglasses on a daily basis as a measure against UV rays to avoid the risk of sunburn, age spots, and freckles caused by UV rays entering the eyes, and the risk of eye problems such as dry eyes and cataracts caused by the accumulation of UV rays.

However, with masks now becoming essential in many situations due to COVID-19 countermeasures, many people are concerned about how to coordinate their glasses with masks, worrying that wearing mirrored or dark-colored lenses in combination with a mask will completely obscure the wearer's facial expression, giving others the impression that they are suspicious or scary.

For those people, we would like to introduce some items with thin colored lenses that allow people to see your eyes when they are face to face!

ORIGINAL NAVY Matte x Gray Polarized Yuya Akada Design Model

A new color model for 2021 that combines the navy frame of the ORIGINAL frame model with gray polarized lenses.

This model features the ever-popular frame shape that is the roots of DANG SHADES, and features an original color design by professional snowboarder Yuya Akada, who is supported by DANG SHADES.

Yuya Akada @yuyaakada

Photo by @hvtbon

The distinctive navy frame that is typical of DANG and the light olive colored logo print give this item a summery feel.

■Product Information

Product code: vidg00414


Frame: Navy Matte

Lens: Grey / Polarized lens

Visible transmittance: Approximately 40%

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ATZ Black Soft x Blue Polarized

This color model combines a black soft frame with light blue polarized lenses from the "ATZ" frame model, which began sales in Japan from the spring/summer 2021 season.

Yuki Hasegawa @yglabo_yuki

The glasses are based on a slightly smaller round frame, which is a very popular trend these days, and the combination of blue polarized lenses is cool and very stylish.

Yoshida Ikuyo @194channel

Although this is a small-sized frame model, it fits both men and women, so it can of course be used by both men and women.

It has also attracted attention from the fashion industry, and was featured in the September 2021 issue of "MEN'S NON-NO."

■Product Information

Product code: vidg00415

Model: ATZ

Frame: Black soft

Lens: Blue / Polarized / Limited Anti-Fog

Visible transmittance: Approximately 40%

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This is also recommended!

LOCO Black Soft x Blue lens Polarized w/Limited Anti-fog

This is a new LOCO product with the same lens color! This product was just released on August 23rd, and the DANG logo on the temples is blue, giving it a very cool impression.

ZENITH Black Soft x Solid Green Polarized

ZENITH frame model.

This color model is based on a slightly smaller Bosington frame that mixes the charms of Boston and Wellington, and is combined with green polarized lenses that are said to be gentle and easy on the average Japanese eye.

Photo by @hvtbon

Photo by tokuisawesome

■Product Information

Product code: vidg00395


Frame: Black soft

Lenses: Solid green / polarized lenses

Visible transmittance: Approximately 61%

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All three color models introduced here have polarized lenses, but because the lens color is light, the degree of polarization itself is not high. However, light-colored lenses have the advantage that they can be worn comfortably even in dimly lit places, and they are effective in making the outlines of water and scenery clearer in dark situations where sunlight is blocked, such as indoors, in tunnels, or in dense forests.

Anglers love to wear light-coloured polarised lenses at dawn and dusk, or when fishing in mountain streams!

These lenses transmit light well, but also have a UV400 UV transmittance of less than 1%, so they are perfect for UV protection, reducing glare and easing eye strain!
Please use this as a reference for your item lineup.