Must see!! FENTON appears on Hamburger Master's YouTube!

Very exciting news has come in!

In a video on the popular YouTube channel "Hamburger Sensei Channel," which has over 400,000 subscribers, when Hamburger Sensei visits Pine Valley, a Harley parts and custom shop in Yokohama, he wears the DANG SHADES FENTON and receives rave reviews!

In the video, he was so impressed with how comfortable FENTON was that he actually bought one!

Thank you, Hamburger Master!!

Please look at it with the same eyes as if you were looking at a mixed vegetable side dish.

[What, you're buying it? I'm going to replace the muffler on that Harley.] (※FENTON appears in this episode)

[Hamburger Master Channel]


[Pine Valley Official Site]

[Pine Valley Official Instagram]

[Sunglasses worn by Idota-san]

FENTON Black Soft x Chrome Mirror Polarized (polarized lenses) [vidg00293]