[A must-see for snowboarding enthusiasts!] Neil Hartman's YouTube channel has started "S LOG" this season!

This season's " S LOG " has started on the YouTube channel of video creator Neil Hartman, who is also a fan of DANG .

This is a video that reports on the snowboarding scene from Hokkaido in their own unique style.

The first episode, " DAY 1 ," features footage of a session at Sapporo International with members of the Shadanchi crew, including Orange Man (aka Kazushi Yamauchi), Shark Boy Hayato Doi, and Yusuke Mino.

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S LOG Day One Neil's RAW edit Radio DJ Style w: #CarDanchi crew #OrangeMan

Kokusai Day Two RAW edit - Narrated SLOG SZN 2023 #Powder #snow #SapporoKokusai